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Mon Dec 3 23:26:33

During the last 6 months we have been working on Septera, we have had issues and challanges which we solved. I'd like to inform you of the changes that has been implemented since May, I also encourage you to test them to confirm their accuracy.

We are here to create the most authentic 7.4 tibia server.

Since May, we have implemented the following

  • Accurate Cipsoft Defense | Armor | Melee Damage | Distance Damage Formulas
  • Accurate Cipsoft Spells Formulas
  • Accurate Cipsoft Creature A.I. Includes, Behaviour When Player Is On Melee Or Distanced + Around Fields
  • Accurate Cipsoft Creature Spells | Cast Chance | Cast Delay
  • Accurate Cipsoft Monster and Npc Pathfinding
  • Accurate Cipsoft Speed Formulas For Both Players And Creatures
  • Accurate Cipsoft Line Of Sight
  • And Much More...


We are currently still working on our custom client, we do work mostly on it's performence. Our Custom Client UI has been finished and i'd like to show you a sneakpeak. Septera Custom Client


Sun Nov 25 11:12:42

For some days ago we got reports about spells being casted frequently, meaning that their delay was incorrect. We investigated it and fixed the issue. Spells now have the correct delay and chance of being casted. We implemented the CipSoft code directly to our server, making it 100% accurate.

Furthermore i'd like to say that we are still working on our Client, trying to improve it as much as possible until we plan a release date. Remember that this is just a temporary stage of the server, a reset will occur in the future. 


Mon Oct 29 19:52:32

Since our last update we have been focusing on improving our client aswell as fixing some issues that has been reported, I want to thank those who report issues in our ticket system.

On the next server save these following fixes will occur.

  • Distance Weapons will correctly drop on ground after being shot, this is mostly for spears and  small stones
  • Distance Weapon increase distance skilling even when missing

I'd also like to inform you that we are working on a Task System, not any task system you´re aware of, this is a very unique task system that allows a continue story telling on Tibias lore. Prepare to have an adventure you´ve never experienced, find places you didn't know about, and have fun!


Fri Aug 31 15:53:31

The server upgrade was successful. We increased the server optimization, meaning that the server is stable enough to hold high amount of players without any lagg or any issues that will effect your gameplay. 

We have also tweaked our client, please download our new client Here


Thu Aug 30 21:13:50

Tomorrow Friday the 31 at 11 PM CEST an long maintenance will occur. This is due a huge server update. The server will be ready running again at the morning.

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