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Fri Aug 31 15:53:31

The server upgrade was successful. We increased the server optimization, meaning that the server is stable enough to hold high amount of players without any lagg or any issues that will effect your gameplay. 

We have also tweaked our client, please download our new client Here


Thu Aug 30 21:13:50

Tomorrow Friday the 31 at 11 PM CEST an long maintenance will occur. This is due a huge server update. The server will be ready running again at the morning.

Small Experimental Balance changes

Sun Aug 26 20:28:20

Knight spells have had small changes/additions today.

  • Exori mana cost has been halved from 4*(Level) to 2*(Level)
  • A new spell called "Strike" (Exori Min) has been added, it's a low-cost melee ranged spell that deals roughly the same damage as HMMs, partially based on your skills and weapon.
  • A highly experimental new spell called "Great Strike" (Exori Mas) has been added, its mana costs 1*(Level) and is melee ranged, it's concept is a single-target Exori spell. It's damaged is greatly based on your skills. 


Remember to give feedback on these. Either ingame or by using the ticket system on your account page! :)


Tue Aug 7 20:08:53

I'd like to thank everyone who keeps reporting bugs using our ticket system that can be found when you login into your account. There you can report anything you find.

After server save these issues will be fixed

  • Distance Fighting skill was only gained when doing blood damage
  • Right hand did not count when there was a weapon


Fri Aug 3 09:59:47

I'd like to thank everyone who reported these issues bellow. They will be fixed on the next server save

  • Using ammunition like arrows in the hand increases attack damage in melee fighting
  • Cumulative weapon attack, which happens when main weapon ammo type is 0, and items default ammo is 0
  • Spears not dropping on ground if an item would be placed on arrow slot
  • Creatures not shooting none target spells

Server Status

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